Posted by: Neal Lachman | October 2, 2008

Introduction 1.0

1.0 – In this multi-part introduction section, I intend to give a personal account, as founder of Angie Communications and author of this blog, on what, where, why, and when important decisions in our company’s history were made and what kind of events took place.

Before embarking on the daunting task of cramming more than ten years of our evolutionary growth in a few pages, I would like to note that I assume all responsibility for the contents of this blog, of course with the notice and disclaimer at hand. I have received extensive help, contributions and advice from my colleagues, namely Ian Browde, Farooq Malik, Gregory Nemitz, Prem Iyangar and Vladimir Prodanovic. To that effect, I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for their continuous contributions to the development of our company.


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