Posted by: Neal Lachman | January 7, 2009

NEW: GigaSpeed Strategy, Business Development & Positioning Paper

Dear readers,

My team and I are finalizing an updated version (and modeled for The Netherlands) of GigaSpeed’s Strategy, Business Development, Marketing & Positioning Paper. While this paper is entirely GigaSpeed based, it gives the reader an excellent insiders perspective on our BWA and FTTH/O plans in general and for the Netherlands in specific.

This document will ONLY be made available to FTTH & BWA Consortium members (even if they are competitors!) and direct partners or people related to GigaSpeed.

Some of the topics covered:

– Mission, Objectives, Business Philosophy
– Innovations
– Improved or New BWA & FTTH/O services
– Marketing Strategy
– Partnerships – Pricing – Product differentiation
– Competition
– Company & Project Risk Management
– Co-opetition & Open Access/ Open Network

We expect this document to be ready by Monday, January 12th, 2009.

To receive a copy, please become a member of the Consortium, and let me know by posting a comment with your email. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL. It is too much of a hassle for me to figure out otherwise.

Thank you,


p.s. Most of the action (i.e. comments, back and forth discussions, and dialogue about my posts) happens at the Consortium forum on Linkedin.

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  1. Hi Neal, I would be very interested to see your new Paper. Please send it to me email at I work for and have a blog at

  2. Hi Tim,

    Will do as soon as it’s ready. I just visited your blog, and I absolutely love your FTTH & BB Update spreadsheet @

    I’ll use your data now and then, and I’ll make sure to mention/ refer to your spreadsheet as a source.


    BTW, Welcome to the consortium. I look forward to your participation.

  3. Hi Neal

    Congrats on Gigaspeed and your blog. I’m interested in bringing your concept to Ireland and helping us get out of our gloom, depression etc. It seem to me that your technologies could be the foundation for building a smarter economy here. Please send it to me at All the best Frank Kelleher

  4. Hi Frank,

    This document is delayed; we are instead working on a Nationwide Strategy Plan for the USA, which will include the same analyses as promised above, but with much more details.

    Since you are talking about Ireland as a nation, the plan that we are presenting could be a great measurestick for opportunities and possibilities in Ireland.

    Please, join our consortium on Linkedin, and send me a note there in the relevant discussion “New: Strategic Document”. This makes it easier for us to manage recipients of the document.

    In any case, I am willing to help serious parties as much as I can and to the best of my ability to bring the FiberBroadband Strategy to Ireland.



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