Posted by: Neal Lachman | April 1, 2009

Innovation from the CABLE industry? Even the jokes are copied!

Today, Rob van Esch, Executive Director of NLKabel (the Dutch equivalent of the American National Cable &  Telecom Association), published an elaborate April’s fools joke. It is, however, a mix of copied jokes. I had a meeting with Rob in 2005 and it became evident that the cable industry didn’t believe in Fiber Optics as being a threat. Nowadays his and the cable industry’s attention is quite focused on distracting and distorting the fiber truth.

I like a good joke, but Rob is using April 1st as a gimmick to ridicule fiber initiatives. It would be fun if it were original. His joke, however, is a mix of two earlier April fools hoaxes; Google’s toilet  fiber initiative, and Red Herring’s Dutch canal route digitization. Let’s see what he is up to:

This picture shows  a “general announcement” on Rob’s newsletter:


The website:


But how do we know it was Rob? Well, he registered the domain name:


Rob, the fiber guys are smarter than you think! Who’s the fool now? ;-)

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  1. “Posted in Dumbos, Here We Go Again”

    at least i had a laugh there on april 3… :-)

  2. Jan, my new post (about WiMAX) is categorized under “Crappy Model”. ;)

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