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I am the founder and majority shareholder of iUHBA (International Ultra-High-Bandwidth Access) Networks, (replaced GigaSpeed International, Inc. as per march 1, 2009) a company that is planning to connect 20 million households (at 1Gbps per connection) in the USA to its Fiber-To-The-Home/Office systems. iUHBA (pronounced Ayoohba – means “miraculous/miracle” in Arabic/Urdu) also plans to build state-wide ubiquitous ultra-high-bandwidth wireless access networks in the same areas (at 10 – 100 Mbps per user).

About me
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I am a communications (cable and satellite) business veteran (since 1992). I was involved in the set-up of several multinational start-up satellite TV networks with Indian (Hindi/Bollywood) content (music/Movies/Serials).

In 1996, my brothers and I came up with a plan to launch our own (digital) TV platform by distributing content via satellites (for its vast geographic reach) and giving away set-top-boxes to its subscribers. Early 1998, I went bankrupt with a private business, after which I joined my brother’s investment and participation firm, General Investments, as the Managing General Partner. We basically invested in companies wherein we became the majority owners or which we acquired.

My brothers and I founded LBDC International in 1999 to form InternetHyperGate, a satellite broadband ISP. But our broadband dreams were abruptly disturbed when bitrate calculations proved our business model to be impossible to succeed. Learning the ISP business the hard way, we decided in 2000 to completely focus on building FTTH networks. If we would do so, we would not be dependent of CATV and Telco operators.

Along the way, somewhere in 2002, I came to know the difference between future-proof and bullcrap FTTx systems. Now, anno 2008, more than 90,000 man-hours later and 8.5 years after starting off in the FTTx industry, LBDC’s successor, iUHBA, is the only company that has a future-proof and viable business strategy for large-scale, ultra-high-capacity wireless and next-gen cable systems: Fiberbroadband.

The Fiberbroadband Strategy is taking GigaSpeed where no PON system operator can go unless they commit one PON system per subscriber. Fiberbroadband allows us to deliver 1 gigabit per second connections to each subscriber, and to upgrade to 10 Gbps per connection at a later stage without massive additional investments.

I have commited my company also to roll out a state-wide blanket of wireless connectivity in each of the markets where we will build FTTx systems, and to build HDTV head-end centers to distribute Ultra-HDTV content (of content network partners).

As one may see I have experience in the content as well as distribution business.

You can send email to: neal at iuhba dot com. I will try to reply within 48 hours, but that depends on the message contained in your email and the amount of spare time I have. If your email is interesting -and if I happen to be online- I may reply quickly.

Below you can read my professional resume.

Neal S. Lachman
Founder, Chairman & CEO
iUHBA Networks

Mr. Lachman is a thoroughly experienced, energetic and bold investor who is “cut from entrepreneurial cloth.” He is also a pragmatic and strategic planner with a long-term-business philosophy. Mr. Lachman has a unique mix of expertise, ranging from real estate, finance and entertainment to publishing, electronic distribution and optical fiber networks.

Mr. Lachman is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers in (if not the single-most important private contributor of-) the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) industries, estimated to exceed a trillion dollar value in the next ten to fifteen years, and which are widely deemed as the replacement industries of the traditional telecommunication and cable industries.

Since 1988, when he was in his late teens, Mr. Lachman has been a self-employed businessman. In 1992 he entered the world of movies, publishing, content, entertainment, and distribution (CATV and Satellite) systems. Since then he has introduced several groundbreaking concepts, including a magazine for millionaires and influential and affluent people for which he was profiled hundreds of times in television, radio, newspaper and magazine articles all over Europe.

In 1996, Mr. Lachman and his brothers came up with a plan to launch their own (digital) TV platform by distributing content via satellites and giving away set-top-boxes to its subscribers. In early 1998, Mr. Lachman went bankrupt with a private endeavor, after which he joined his brother’s investment and participation firm, General Investments, as the Managing General Partner. The brothers basically invested in companies wherein they became the majority owners or which they acquired.

The Lachman brothers founded LBDC International (Lachman Brothers Digital Communications) in 1999 to form InternetHyperGate, a satellite broadband ISP. The internet and telecom bubble burst in 2000, and at a time when other investors were withdrawing from the telecommunications industry, Mr. Lachman began investing in BWA and FTTH/O research. Ever since, Mr. Lachman has been on the forefront of the BWA and FTTH/O industry, and the company he founded (now named iUHBA Networks, Inc.) invested millions of dollars worth of research and development, along with more than 90,000 man-hours. This investment resulted in the FiberBroadband Strategy, which industry insiders believe has the potential to become the new standard in the BWA and FTTH/O industries. For this early entrance in the digital and broadband industry, for his future-focused vision, and for various other reasons Mr. Lachman is considered one of the pioneers in the BWA and FTTH/O industries.

In 2003, Mr. Lachman founded the 21st Century Infrastructures Consortium, a platform organization for start-up companies in the brand-new Fiber-to-the-Home industry. The need for such an organization was imperative because the industry was being lobbied against by the legacy operators who saw, and still see, their core business being threatened. The 21CIC has been restructured as the Next-Generation Developments & Innovations Consortium (NGDIC), which currently has more than 1,300 members from all over the world.

In 2003 and 2004 Mr. Lachman distributed a monthly newsletter to thousands of subscribers, updating them on the state of the optical fiber and wireless industry. From 2005 to 2007 his inimitable personal blogs were read by people with an interest in the FTTx and BWA industries. Mr. Lachman also published several articles (2003) and white papers (in 2003 and 2007) that had a profound impact on both the business model and technical aspects of the nascent FTTx industry.

In July 2007, Mr. Lachman and his team published a Business White Paper that included the first-ever publicly disclosed flaws of wireless technologies; it had a devastating effect on the Wi-Fi industry in the USA and other parts of the world. Mr. Lachman predicted the disastrous results that flawed wireless business and deployment models would face. Within days of first distributing the document to almost 1,000 telecom people, several “city-wide Wi-Fi projects” were halted or completely abandoned. Not much later, two companies that had been highlighted by Mr. Lachman in the White Paper, Earthlink and MetroFi, abandoned their once ambitious plans, with the latter company completely closing shop.

Mr. Lachman is a truly modern, global executive who is of Indian origin, was born in South America and is fluent in 6 languages: English, German, Dutch, Hindi, Urdu, and Surinamese, along with a basic understanding of Spanish, French and Italian. For the past ten years. Mr. Lachman has lived in Vancouver, Canada, and New York City, where he currently resides. Mr. Lachman is also a citizen of the Netherlands, where he lived for many years.

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