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This blog was launched on October 1, 2008, and is maintained by me, Neal Lachman.   View Neal Lachman's profile on LinkedIn

This blog is intended to publicize our involvement in the Fiber To The Home and Mobile Broadband/ Wireless Access industries. The majority of the content herein is in reference to our company, Angie Communications International B.V., our efforts, our research, and our vision.

As of January 2, 2012, the contents of this blog are outdated and we have made no effort to update the contents.



  1. Hi Neal,

    Congrats for the blog, and all the best to GigaSpeed.
    I’ve got two questions for you :
    – where’s the RSS feed ? Or do I need to set up some pipe with Yahoo!Pipes 😉
    – are you looking for some test beds in Europe ? If yes, let’s discuss. There’s a place somewhere south of Amsterdam where GigaSpeed could generate some positive buzz.

  2. Thank you very much, Marc.

    1) I didn’t know it wasn’t here. I added the RSS feed just now 😉

    2) As a matter of fact, I am currently in Europe to set up our operations for a massive rollout in Holland (2 million FTTH/O connections and a nationwide BWA infrastructure/network). Contrary to the current financial crisis, the funding will not be a problem.

    My FiberBroadband Team from GigaSpeed will touch down here in March or April to supervise the local management team, and to prepare them for the real work.

    We have quite good relations with the local governments (and I personally on national level), which means that we are preparing to enter into MoUs with some of them early next year.

    Thanks for joining the consortium on Linkedin.

    As a consortium member I want you to feel free to contact me anytime to discuss matters or just for a friendly chat.

  3. @Neal : I’ve heard about your Dutch massive presence, yes.
    When I wrote “test beds”, I meant some places for you to test your next gen solutions’ s prototypes…
    Let’s discuss that in private !
    Thanks for accepting me in the consortium.

  4. Anytime, Marc.

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